What's snot rocket? 

What it is? That's up to you. We just know what s'not. S'not uptight. S'not snobby. S'not for everyone. S'not a satisfying answer...

Why name a company after snot rockets?

Someone had to. 

Do you have any deals or specials? 

Sure, we have you covered (cheapskate). Sign up for our mailing list (below) and we'll give you the deets on coupon codes and such. 

Do you have stuff for Kids?

Kids' stuff? You'd send your kid to school in this, Parent of the Year? Yeah, so would we. It's on its way. 

Where can we find you? Like, in the real world. 

What, you looking for trouble? Check our calendar of events or send snail mail to:


SnotRocket LLC,

3974 Sorrento Valley Blvd,
Box #910846 San Diego, CA 92121