SnotRocket's Tour Du Farce

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Tour du Farce?

These days, so many bike "Tours" are bores. Music, beer, t-shirts, food trucks, blah, blah blah. Where's the originality? Where's the family fun? Where are my freaks at? Right, they're at the Tour du Farce. 

This themed event brings together bike lovers, fun lovers, beer lovers, tinkerers, performers, exhibitionists and party people to compete in "The World's Dumbest Bike Event" and enjoy fun in the sun (weather permitting). Oh, and yeah, beer and music too. Probably food trucks as well. We're not some kind of Renaissance men after all. 

The Tour: 

Tour du Farce is an obstacle course from our twisted minds, meandering between  breweries, each of which hosts an obstacle for our riders to traverse while the throngs cheer, drink.

It's a celebration of craft, creativity and crap. The Tour is your event -- teams are encouraged but not required. All are welcomed, and those 21+ may indulge in drinking or other age-restricted things (as long as they're legal in your municipality). 

For this year's 80's-themed event, proposed obstacles include

The Squeeze -- Beware, as the course takes you between two enormous buttock-shaped sheets of spandex. Tour du Farce riders don’t bonk, they badonkadonk. 

The Tease: Things get hairy as you make you way through this obstacle. You’ll smell the Aqua Net as mounds of (artificial) teased hair tickle your skin. Not for the squeamish, allergic, or clinically sane. 

The Valdez: Peddle around the Valdez inlet, avoiding the oily black goo and dead birds. The sludge will come off your bike and costume easily enough, but you'll have to use Dawn liquid detergent to de-grease a pelican or two. 

Bozo Fondo:

Prior to embarrassing themselves on the Tour du Farce course, riders and their posse will have another opportunity to fart around during the Bozo Fondo, the beloved bike parade. 

Bike floats, decorated scooters and costumed riders pedal through Miramar, San Diego's scenic warehouse district, famous for its single-story, windowless architecture, potholes, useless train tracks and talented sign-spinners.

Prizes will be awarded for the best and most hideous contraptions, the most Mcgyver-ish bikes and the most creative costumes. Come on out and bring your friends, we're all here to have fun!

How to get involved:

Please fill out this form and we'll be in touch ASAP.